Thursday, 10 September 2009

Can I pack my bags yet?

Last night I bought my tickets to Sweden. Non-refundable. Now that's a little scary. Let's just hope everything goes according to plan (knocking very hard on wood). I'll be there from October 11 to 25 and D will join me some time around the 17th. I'm trying to pace myself and not have my bags packed several weeks in advance. I've got to stay busy doing other things. Like yoga-ing, taking loooong walks and seeing lots of friends. (No, not eating ice cream and chocolate.) Like working on business ideas, updating my website and blogging. So here I am starting at the end of that list.

Thought I'd give you a little preview of the upcoming show. Imagine this read by Don LaFontaine: 
October 8, 2009 The IVF Circus starts rehearsal with Gonal-F and the Follicles. Five days later Orgalutran appears with the amazing egg juggling act. Suddenly Ovitrelle steps in for final preparations forty eight hours before the eggs exit to the petri dish. Under the influence of a double, triple, no wait, quadruple shot of happy juice all eggs are swiftly taken back stage. Meanwhile in another room The Swimmers are aspirated to make their call time. With very little introduction each of the Eggs are paired with a Swimmer and start their performance on the petri dish. Three to five gruesome days of try outs follow to see which embryo will be the star of the show. There will be many runner ups put on hold, but there can be only one little embryo put on the big womb stage to make magic. This lucky embryo will grow and develop for nine months before finally entering the world to standing ovations. One loving family's much awaited Circus Child. The one that's meant to be.

{And then we'll live happily ever after.}


  1. This performance theme is fun! Growing eggs was awesome...I loved it. For once you feel so in control of your fertility. Since our last IVF two years I have craved the needles. On Weds we start PIO for the end of my mock cycle. Looking forward to it! :) Best wishes. October is our "go time" as well. Sending good egg growing wishes to you and our donor!

  2. Thank you AshPash :) Let's hope for a great performance and a standing ov(ul)ation!!


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