Tuesday, 29 September 2009

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. No, not one of THOSE days. One of those days that are just perfect for a bunch of little special reasons. I woke up surprisingly rested at five thirty in the morning to find that D had left the coffee on (he normally doesn't and I normally don't have coffee in the morning) and left just enough creamer for one large cup. So I had a rare luxury cup of coffee on the way to my doctors appointment. I arrived  early for my "womens wellness" appointment - read pap and boob exam - and got to see the doctor right away. Exams went well and this new doctor (I've had too many of them lately) didn't argue my explanation to why I have lumpy breast and instead asked me to keep track of what lumps are normal for me. Usually when I see a new doctor they insist on sending me first for a painful mammogram and then for an ultrasound just to tell me what I already know. That I have a bunch of cysts in my dense boobies and that it's nothing to worry about. I then walked over to the Exchange to kill some time while I waited for the Commisary to open and found a new cover for the ironing board. I had completely forgotten I was looking for one until I saw it. Then I walked back to my car, opened the front door and saw this:

Apparently D was going to wish me luck before my appointment but he was late leaving the gym and missed me. When he saw my car parked he went and got a bouquet of flowers and put them in the drivers seat. What did I do to deserve this man? 

When I got home I took the Dogster for a long walk. While walking around one of our usual fields I spotted the same blind bunny we had seen on a walk two months earlier alive and kicking. Still blind, slow and somewhat disoriented, but doing good. Go bunny! 

For dinner I made lasagna that turned out great. Very happy about that. For some reason it tastes different every time I make it even though I'm certain I follow the recipe to a T...  My adventures in the kitchen has been many and of varied outcome since last year when we decided I was to take over Ds position as head chef in this household. With a little help from my friends Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson I have slowly extended my kitchen knowledge beyond the boiling of eggs.

After dinner we went for an evening walk outfitted with fluorescent vests and flashlights and managed (in spite of me walking on every crunchy leaf visible and giggling uncontrollably when shushed by D)  to spot two roe deer and three red deer gracing in the fields down the road before the sun set. Walked home in the dark (no street lights in this English country village) with a little help from our flashlights.

Then we slipped into comfy clothes, Dr. Seuss fleece pants for me, moose print fleece for D, curled up in the couch and watched the season finale of House. Went to bed and tried to get busy but realized quickly we were both too tired and settled for a long kiss godnight instead. Yep. Pretty much a perfect day.


  1. Glad you had such a good day. I am wishing you many more of those days.

  2. What a lovely day! D is definitely a keeper ;). Wishing you many, many of those happier-than-expected days. Signed, one lumpy, dense-boobied girl to another.

  3. Don't ya just wish all days could be like that...minus dr. appts though..lol.

  4. What a cute post. How sweet that D put flowers on your car seat. Does he give lessons to other husbands on how to do sweet things like that?

  5. Aww that sounds so sweet!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog -- I did end up having OHSS and it was pretty ridiculously awful. Unfortunately I had to cancel my embryo transfer and lost all but 2 embryos -- both of which look not so great. =( Infertility sucks.

    I am excited for you that you'll be starting your first IVF! Yes, buy loose-fitting pants!! But if you don't hyperstimulate, the rest really wasn't bad at all. I hope it works for you and will drop by to see how it's going.

  6. What a great day. I LOVE surprise flowers.

  7. Your husband is such a ring leader, what an awesome day and night!

  8. nothing better than a good day! well except finding that your husband left you flowers in the car!! as for the kitchen, i am still working on cooking outside my regular standbys, and it is difficult.

  9. That sounds so wonderful. I hope I get a day like that soon.


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