Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fall is here.

Looking out the window at the tall trees swaying in the wind and hearing the wind whipping round the house it's clear that fall is here. Just two days ago I had lunch in the back yard with a friend and got what will most likely be this summers last sunburn. 

We've almost been in England a year now. Where has time gone? Where did summer go? Too much time was spent reading blogs about infertility, following infertility threads in chat rooms and finding out about fertility clinics around Europe... Obsessing you may say. More like being extremely focused. Alright, obsessing. At least I've stopped watching the evil shows on TV. The ones titled "A baby story", "Bringing home baby", "Room for baby", "Babes in the woods" and "Portland babies".  Now I focus on quality shows like "Girls of the Playboy mansion" and "Kendra"... although since Kendra discovered she's pregnant I might have to stop watching that one too. I guess there could be worse vises to have. Like drugs (not fertility drugs) or copious amounts of alcohol (which I now only have every time the Bloody Monster arrives). 

Thankfully my dog is not put off by the weather and still insists on a long walk. Thanks to him I'm at least getting an hours sanity break every day. Being obsessive takes a lot of time and being infertile is hard work. Just imagine how much free time I'll have once I become a mother :) 

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