Wednesday, 9 September 2009

There you are you little fcker!

She showed up, The Bloody Monster, and you'll be pleased to hear I didn't fall for the temptation to test. So I'm relieved and disappointed. A little less disappointed than the past 28 months, but bummed out none the less... But now we can book our tickets to go to Sweden for the circus next month. That makes it real. Holy shit! We're actually doing it. Yay! Is it weird to want to start injecting yourself with hormones? I can't wait. I'll jab that sucker into my belly without hesitation! Had I told my 10 years younger self this she would've laughed out loud and reminded me that we're very scared of needles. Not anymore.

Talked to my Mamma on the phone the other day. I think she's possibly more excited than I am. Not sure if it's the possibility of having a grandchild in August or me coming home to stay with them for almost 2 weeks while doing the circus performance. I don't care, it'll be good to have their support. I feel a little sorry for D who'd probably also enjoy being there with me. But somebody's got to bring home the bacon. And you do need a lot of bacon to join the circus. Maybe I should start making frozen dinners for him to eat while I'm gone... that's what a good wifey would do. And I am. Most of the time :)

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