Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Diary May 23, 2007

Ball Games & Happy Juice
They rolled him in and his eyes were happy and calm, he smiled and slurred: - I'll be OK now.
30 sec earlier he had panic in his eyes and harrassed the anesthesiologist that couldn't find a vein in his arm until attempt 3. So we're here, finally, giving life a chance. Making parenthood possible. 

Yesterday morning Verna called me. Chocked and surprised I answered the phone knowing that I had actually forgot to leave my daily message for her this morning. For 2 weeks I had called every day wishing her good morning and leaving our phone number reminding her that we really want this vasectomy reversal. And here she was, calling me back. I started shaking when she told me they have an opening TOMORROW. My happiness mixed with fear that D would say no because of the short notice. So I told her we'd call back asap and then I called D. When he picked up I studdered: - she ca-ca-called and there's an opening to-tomorrow but we have to go in today for a consult! 
He didn't hesitate: -What time, what do I need to bring and where do we go? I started smiling and let out a sigh of relief. I told him to call Verna back and find out the details. 

A whirlwind of an hour later I had postponed my appointment with the orthodontist and called The Herald to tell them I couldn't start my new job there until Wednesday. We left the house at noon to drive down to the Madigan Army Hospital. Verna met us at the door and we got to shake her hand and say thank you. We then met with Dr. Nelson who will be doing the reattaching of the "pipes". He explained about the procedure and success rates and then examined D's "boys". He gave us his thumbs up and we were off for pre-op exams. Many pokes and probes later we left the hospital to make the 1.5 hour drive home. D called his girls to tell them the news and they wished us luck. We talked about babies and baby names and I felt a million butterflies spreading their wings in the pit of my stomach.

Back home D poured himself a scotch and I started dinner. Couldn't help thinking that I need to learn how to cook if I'm to be a mom. I tried the unfamiliar thoughts: -I could be a mom *wings flapping*. -I could get pregnant within 6 months *wild flapping*.

Had a hard time sleeping that night and woke up before the alarm went off. Made coffee, walked the dog and hit the road. We were early and D started getting an uneasy look in his eyes. As we got closer he got more and more worried. When we had arrived and he changed in to the hospital gown his worry peaked. We had a short laugh attack when he seriously added the "party hat" to his outfit. Next thing we know he's got a needle in his arms and he finally gets some "happy juice". He then made sure to thank the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist and random cleaning staff for this opportunity to become a dad again. I kissed my saucy husband good luck and good night and they rolled him into theatre.

I'm writing this sitting in the family waiting room anxiously waiting while the doctors perform a miracle.

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