Friday, 4 September 2009

Stars that may or may not have joined the circus.

Allow me to speculate... A lot of stars nowadays have kids late. I can totally understand why, they were, you know, busy starring in various blockbusters, walking down a million red carpets, and simply being fabulous. But I can't help but wonder how their personal life looked when time came to start a family. Did they go through years of trying, worrying and hoping for a miracle? Did they too resort to joining the IVF circus when all else failed? I'm inclined to think so... My question then is: Why are they not talking about it publicly? Stars share all kinds of trouble they've gone through in their lives, failing marriages, trips to rehab etc. so why not infertility? We could sure use some famous role models here at the circus... Anyway, here's my list of "Did they or didn't they?":

Angela Bassett (twins at 47)

Beverly D'Angelo (twins at 49)

Carcelle Beauvais-Nilon (twins at 41)

Geena Davis (twins at 48)

Halle Berry (first child at 41)

Helena Bonham Carter (first child at 41)

Holly Hunter (twins at 47)

Jane Seymour (twins at 45) 

J-Lo (twins at the age of 38)

Julia Roberts (twins at 36)

Lisa Marie Presley (twins at 40)

Marcia Cross (twins at 44)

Nicole Kidman (new mom at 40 having adopted in previous marriage)

What do you think?

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