Friday, 29 July 2011


Tomorrow night around this time we'll be back in the states. I'd lie if I said I was all excited. I am, a little, but also sad to move further away from my family and worried about the trip over. Worried about our pets who we've had to rerout due to severe heat and fork up an arm and a leg to fly (luckily they didn't ask for our first born). Worried about Diver Dude lifting stuff he shouldn't and hurt himself (he's back in afib:(. And worried about Bubba traveling that far. But we'll be ok. I'm sure I'm just a worry-wart. See you back in beautiful Washington state! Aloha!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A short post with good news

Just a quick note from a gorgeous, warm Swedish summer evening.
Bubba had a name ceremony last Sunday and it was beautiful. Mini-Man was christened the same day - a double whammy if you will. Promise to post more details later.
Diver Dude had another cardioversion here in da Motherland and is back in sinus rhythm. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Toes crossed too for good measures.
Currently hanging out with Bubba at my parents cabin by the sea while Diver Dude is packing up our house in England for the big move back across the Atlantic. I feel slightly guilty. Slightly.

Having a glass of wine and enjoying the night. Lots of love to all of you.