Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Don't leave your keys on the table.

Being superstitious and infertile is not a good combination. Even though medical reasons have been established to actually cause our infertility I still can't help wondering if:
• The fact that I kept my lucky kukui nut in the drawer of tampons and not in my bed caused Lady Luck to misinterpret my wishes (said nut has since been moved around about ten times)
• That glass of wine I had last night caused the spotting I had this morning that assured me the Bloody Monster was on it's way and that I'm not pregnant this month either.
• D's habit of putting his keys on the table is causing his low/zero sperm count (this has not been verbalized with the risk of seeming obsessive and slightly crazy)
Anyway, right now my fertility medicine that doesn't require to be in the fridge is kept with my nephews baby wipes and left pacifiers in hopes that they'll get some magic baby dust on them. And I do believe my arsenal of lucky stuffed angels will have to go with me to Sweden along with the kukui nut when the time comes for egg retrieval. 
A good friend of mine who is also struggling with fertility told me she walks around with "lucky sunflower seeds" in her pocket. So there. I'm not the only looney tune.

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