Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Trapeze-ing while IVF-ing

Lately I've started a good routine of exercising. I walk the pooch every day for at least an hour and then I either do pilates, yoga or bums, tums & thighs for another hour. I'm not a fitness freak by no means and don't run unless I'm being chased but it makes my body feel good and greatly relaxes my anxious mind. I also feel like I want to be in good shape once we join the circus. 

When we went in for our consult with the RE she told me to stay fit and live a "normal" life until I start the meds. Once I start taking them though she said to not exercise excessively and no drinki da vino. OK, no wine is fine, but what's excessive exercise? Will I be able to walk the Dogster? How will I be able to control my weight? I eat well and healthy now but I'm not loosing any weight in spite of my 2 hour daily exercise... So do I eat less? And what about during pregnancy, is it safe to exercise? I'd rather be safe than sorry even if it means packing on a few pounds but it would be nice to stay at a healthy weight... I've asked Dr. Google but it seems the jury is out on this one. If anyone reading this have any advise I'd be most grateful :-)


  1. Two hours a day?! That is great. And I thought I was doing well to get a 2.5 mile walk in a day. LOL! I also do yoga (not the tough stuff though) and plan to keep doing it through the process as a way to relax. I don't think my kind of yoga is considered excessive, so unless my RE tells me otherwise I'll keep doing it. Of course if my ovary is the size of a grapefruit, the only moving I might be doing is from the couch to the bed. LOL!

  2. Wow, 2 hours is a lot of exercise. I'm feeling a big jealous! Be reasonable and be sure to follow what your RE says. I think once you start stims, you shouldn't do inversions in yoga.


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