Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Riding the emotional roller coaster.

Up and down. With thrills and scares, screams and laughter. Hanging on for dear life to not fall off.

The spotting continues but after being heavier yesterday it seems to have gotten lighter today. And it's still brownish. Being a designer I often use the Pantone Color System to find just the right color and I find myself grading the color of the spotting in PMS colors. It started out at 429 on 5dp5dt, changed to more of a 1525 7dp5dt, then 8dp5dt it was suddenly a 483, today it's almost back at 429. Nuts I know, occupational injury. 

Today I'm starting to think/hope that this spotting/bleeding is my body being confused about the fact that The Bloody Monster normally would have arrived yesterday, but that something is different. I'm also thinking the full moon has something to do with it... I've had no cramps or other signs of The Bloody Monster. I have however been extremely tired and not able to stay up much past 8pm and Sunday when D had crayfish for an appetizer I was disgusted (normally I LOVE all seafood). So there might still be a small chance... right?

I'll just keep my fingers tightly crossed and try to stay on this roller coaster for a couple of more days.


  1. I love that you compare it to Pantone colors. I do that too.

    I think you are knocked up, w/twins.

    Just my own personal experience!

    Good luck, start testing with a FRED!!!!

  2. There is still hope.

  3. OK.
    Close your eyes.
    No peeping.

    I'm sitting next to you on the roller coaster.

    You can open them now.

    Seriously though,
    I think its just your body playing with you.
    You tell that Baby Acrobat of yours to hold on tight!!

    love lots.

  4. Definitely still a chance! Thinking of you and your little acrobat :)

  5. wow...sounds like there might be good news coming soon!!

  6. Those all sound like good signs! Still keeping everything crossed for you!


  7. The fact that the spotting has lessened in amount and color is a great sign, and being tired is another great sign. Exhaustion was my first major sign. I know this time is torture, hang in there.

  8. Just keep breathing! You won't know until you know! I am still hoping and praying for you.

  9. I'm right here with you riding the roller coaster, just hang on and we'll get through it. Your signs sound quite promising!!

  10. I would have peed on about 20 sticks by now. Good job for refraining!!! when do you test? GOOD VIBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. For sure there's hope! Hold tight there, little Acrobat(s)...

  12. There is definitely a chance. Still hoping and praying for you :)

  13. There is such a chance girl. The seafood would have done it for me, I would so think all was well, cause I too love seafood! Sending vacation thoughts to that bloddy little B!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Crossing my fingers on BOTH hands and If I can
    I'll cross my toes too :)


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