Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What IF I posted this on facebook today?

Keiko at Hannah wept, Sarah laughed made this amazing video and I couldn't resist. I posted it in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week and all of us wondering What IF?

I guess I'm out of the closet to ALL my friends, family, stray co-workers, their dogs and their uncles. 

So there, What IF this week we all posted this on facebook? 


  1. WTG! You are very brave. I watched this video yesterday. It's amazing.

  2. I so so so want to post it on FB, but I've not yet worked up the courage to do so. Instead, I sent it to a few of my close friends and outed myself to them. That's the most I can do right now...but I know that eventually I will post this stunning video one day.

    I'm proud of you. :)

  3. I posted this yesterday!!!!!! I am out of the closet I guess....

  4. I posted that on Facebook yesterday too.....It was kinda my "out"
    but guess what.....only ONE person responded. I have been ooooooing and aweeeeeee-ing at their baby pics for years, and when I finally post something that means something to me I get ONE response!!

  5. I posted this on Facebook. I am not the typical definition of IF and most people know about my miscarriages, but I did it in the name of awareness anyway.

    Well done for coming out.

  6. Great video, and well done for posting it. I hope it gets the reaction it deserves x


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