Thursday, 15 April 2010

Little Man Chevy is doing good

He went through several hours of surgery like a champ and although the original plan to have endoscopic surgery had to be scratched, he's doing fine. A little swollen apparently, but just fine. Now we hope for a successful and speedy recovery for the little guy and some peace and calm for his parents.

Tonight Diver Dude and I will meet our therapist for the first time. I hope she can give us some tools to deal with this emotional cluster fuck. I hope she waves her magical wand and makes everything alright. The least she can do is give us some kind of bulldozer to remove the damned pink elephant.

I can't take much more of this.

Do you think you could actually loose weight by puking up tears and snot. That would be something.

Just wanted to let you know how much it means to read your encouraging words and feel the warmth of your virtual hugs, you guys really help me get through the day. Thank you!


  1. Sweetie, I'm delighted for the Little Man, I have him in my thoughts.
    Try and keep an open mind about the therapy session today, I know it's a dreadful situation but you can go through this together and to be honest I hope your DH will actually come to terms with the fact that you cannot just give up yet.
    Love, Fran

  2. yay for little man.
    and yay for tonight. Bring Kleenex and a notepad. I can never remember anything when I cry.
    Hope she is the right therapist for you, don't hesitate to switch (if that is a possibility. With me that was offered during the "in-take")

  3. so happy that the little man is doing well.
    hope that the therapy helps. you are never far from my thoughts. you are an amazing woman.

  4. {hugs} Glad to hear that Little Man is doing well. Hoping that the therapist is a miracle worker. {hugs}

  5. So glad to hear the surgery went well.

    I hope things also go well tonight. I've been thinking of you, praying things are getting better.

    Take care.

  6. Glad to hear that baby man is doing well!

    Glad, also, that you are heading out to counseling together. It will give you tools. And a lot of tears. Extra love for you both today...and for Baby Man! ;)

  7. I feel guilty even leaving you a comment but just wanted to let you know my heart goes out to you, I can't imagine what you are going through. Big hugs!

  8. Oh so glad about Little Man.
    I hope the therapist helps you confront/bulldoze/blow-up that elephant!

  9. I'm glad that the two of you have your appointment together this evening. ANd I hope that this is the beginning of relocating the elephant out of your way. THinking of you.

  10. Good luck tonight at your appointment. I realy hope that you guys can start talking, which will definitely help, even if you don't solve everything tonight (probably won't happen...). Thinking of you today!!!!

  11. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for the little one. And that the therapist can work her magic with the two of you. At the very least, I hope she gets the conversation going to bulldoze that elephant...

  12. So glad to hear little man is fine, very good news. Tonight is a night for magic girl. I'm sure they will offer some great tools and you will be on your way to recovery and making that bitch of an elephant exstinct. Love ya girl. xoxoxo

  13. I'm so glad to read the good news about Little Man. And I hope that this evening's appointment will set you and Diver Dude on the road to recovery and better things than you have had recently.

    Thinking of you.

  14. So glad the surgery went well - hope things went well at your therapy appointment. - Tkeys

  15. What a relief about the baby. That is a huge weight lifted I'm sure.

    I hope your therapist is awesome and brings lots of peace and understanding between you two. ((hugs))


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