Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nurse Inga's Don'ts

On transfer day when Nurse Inga was telling us about the dos and don'ts she told me: "You won't have any symptoms of pregnancy before your HPT so don't go around trying to feel if anything is different". I told her I was already feeling knocked up because of the progesterone induced boob soreness and that I'd try to not drive myself crazy. And I'm not. Really. But I can't help but noticing things that are out of the ordinary, right? I'll share if you promise not to tell Nurse Inga...

• Yesterday I had cramps. Or more like a pulling tightness in my lower abdomen. 
• I also came home from the store with pineapple juice. I've never drank that before, I'm more of an OJ or Cranberry kind of gal. ???
• Last night I slept TEN hours! and could've easily kept going if it wasn't for the Dogster wanting to go out and pee.
• Today I had a nose bleed. I've never had one before so that's a little weird.

I'm sure those are all signs of me slowly becoming a looney toon. But maybe, just maybe, they're also signs of a little acrobat growing inside of me.


  1. *fingers crossed*!!!

  2. Hoping for you! C'mon little acrobat!!

  3. Oh I'm so hoping those are all signs that the little acrobat is settling in!! :)

  4. I can't believe Inga told you not to read into anything. Doesn't she know she's talking to a gal with fertility issues? We are programmed to read into everything. LOL! All in all though, I think it sounds promising for you! Good luck!

  5. Oh, Nurse Inga, I loved you before this! OF COURSE, you'll feel symptoms before the HPT!! Implantation takes place @ 6-9 days after ER, you are well in that window! I have felt twinges and such after implantation. Silly Nurse Inga.

    BTW, are you aware that pineapple is an excellent natural aid to implantation? If you didn't know that, maybe some deep recess in your brain did! Technically it's more the pineapple core which has bromelain that helps in implantation, but still quite a coincidence!

  6. cannot resist the thinking!

    I am hoping for some good news...fingers crossed!

  7. I think Nurse Inga knows about how we infertile girls obsessively search for signs... she just thought it was worth a long shot :)
    Lara, thanks for the info about the pineapple, that is so interesting. Maybe I read it somewhere at one point and stored the information in the back of my mind...

    Thanks for all of your support, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

  8. I think I would be thinking every little flutter and twinge was prego related. I'm so excited for you both!!

  9. How on EARTH are you supposed to make it through a wait without analyzing ANY symptoms??? That's insanity! Inga is my MIL's name, so I read that and I think of MIL with an old-style nurse cap and red cross and her unique voice telling me not to grab my boobs to test for soreness... weird.

    I am so, so, so excited for you! Just mere days till you find out! So cool!

  10. Hoping and praying that your little acrobat is growing :)

  11. So hoping a little one is doing beginning circus tricks in there now girl! Just a little while to go.... xoxoxoxoxo


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