Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Just what the doctor ordered

8 beautiful days in Jamaica. Sun, ocean, romance and all inclusive. Does it get any better than that? 

It's been so long since me and Diver Dude were just tourists that we both found it a little uncomfortable to fit in to that role. And I'm not sold on the whole charter-big-group-o'-sun-thirsty-tourist business and I would have preferred to see more of the local culture, but as far as a relaxing vacation in the sun goes, it was still kind of wonderful.
Living in Hawai'i for six years gave us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scene in a tourist paradise and how much of it you actually miss out on when you're just visiting. In a way it has removed the innocent idea of a perfect oasis and added layers of complexity that I can't ignore when visiting another "paradise". Much like IF removes the innocent pure joy of finding out you're pregnant.

Enough with the rambling and what sounds like complaining. Since a picture speaks a thousand words I'll just share our trip with you in images and maybe you'll get a sneak peak of what I'm talking about.

View of Ocho Rios from Fern Valley

This little girl was begging for scraps from the tourists - it broke my heart. I wanted to take her home.

A bar/convenience store in the mountains.

Jamaican lady carrying bananas on her head.

I found the culprit. He's on vacation!!

The full moon over our hotel.

Our borrowed piece of paradise.

How beautiful is this?

Bartenders by the pool. Bad news :)

Working hard at getting a tan. With a Mai Tai in my left hand and a good book in my right.

After a week in Jamaica I feel balanced and happy both within myself and in my relationship with Diver Dude. It was wonderful to spend time together and rediscover our love for each other. And laugh. We did a whole lot of laughing. 

I honestly couldn't ask to be in a better place for this FET. 
Today is CD 2 of the cycle we'll board one of our ice skaters. It feels a little surreal because all I have to do is go in for a date with the dildo-cam on the 19th to check for a lead follicle, pin-point ovulation with OPK, and go in six days later to have the little skater put back. No meds, no needles, no problem.

The only thing I can find that's negative about all this is that Diver Dude won't be able to come with me to Sweden. He'll be just a phone call away though, so we should do just fine. 

If the dad is not in the same country as you when you get pregnant would that be considered an immaculate conception? 


  1. Your vacation photos look so so wonderful...I am jealous.

    Keeping you in my prayers as usual. Good Luck.

  2. Wow! Your pictures are amazing!!!!

    What a nice and relaxing start to your cycle. Good luck!!

  3. Glad you had such a good time!

    The stork is too funny.

  4. Welcome back! Awesome pictures! I felt all warm and tan just looking at them. :) Glad you had a safe, relaxing time. You totally deserved it!

  5. Awesome pics. We have never been to Jamaica but would love to go. I laughed at the immaculate conception, i think it very well may be. So glad you are refreshed, recharged and ready to board a frosty. I really feel good about this my ring leading friend. We'll both have 2010 babies ok? xoxo

  6. What beautiful pictures! Made me want to go on vacation!!! I am so glad that you are relaxed and in a happy place. That can make a difference! I hope you carry the beauty and peacefulness with you into this cycle.

  7. Beautiful! I think in previous generations, what you just described is "cuckolded"! Ah, the miracles of modern medicine- making a wanton woman honest. ;) Have fun with the dildo cam.

  8. Oh my God, how fab is that place?? LOL on the immaculate conception, and all my thoughts are with the little ice skater (I love the name!) and may it make it safe into mommy when the time is right. I love the fact that you can do FET on a netural cycle, can't wait to read more updates.

  9. lol.. I love that last comment.
    Your vacation looks so beautiful & relaxing! So glad you are feeling so balanced going into this FET.

  10. What beautiful vacation photos!! :) Looks like you guys had a blast!! :) It's always wonderful to take some time to reconnect before delving into a treatment cycle. It seemed like I never realized just how badly we needed to reconnect until we just took the time to do it. Good luck with the little ice skater!! Hoping for a 2010 miracle for you!! It always helps to start a cycle relaxed and refreshed. :)

  11. Lovely pix!! That poor doogie is clearly preggo or just had pups - it makes me want to fly down there and get her spayed! How ironic, huh?

    Best, best, best of luck with your totsicle! I'll be reading and rooting you on all along the way!

  12. How wonderful! Those pics are just beautiful!

  13. Ooooohhh... That poor girl, begging for scraps. I have such a soft spot for dogs.

    But it sounds like you had an awesome vacation. So glad you're starting your FET off in a really good place. Good luck!

  14. Your vacation looks like sheer bliss! And sounds like the perfect relaxing intro to a great FET cycle!

  15. What a fantastic vacation...just in time for your FET. Many, many good wishes!

  16. Great vacay photos! I look forward to following along your FET journey. Fingers crossed!

  17. Wonderful photos, and I'm glad you're feeling so refreshed. Did you have a word with that stork and tell it to come on home? It seems to have been on holiday for an awfully long time...


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