Monday, 22 February 2010

Desperately searching for a Smiley Face

CD12 - OPK negative
CD13 - OPK negative...?
CD14 - OPK.......negative!?!?
I'm starting to freak out. Normally I ovulate like clock work on CD14 and that means the LH surge should have been indicated on CD13. But there was nothing. nada. zilch.
My mind is searching for possible explanations: Did I ovulate early CD12 and miss the surge (slight rise in temp on CD13). Am I late this month? Or worst option of all, did I not ovulate this month at all?!?
So much for peace of mind this cycle :(
FET au naturel is more stressful than I could imagine!

Please ol-bod-o-mine, cooperate!


  1. Oh no, stumbling is not allowed! It's not the right time!!! Hope it will tidy up straight away.

  2. Sweetie, it coudl be the jet-lag. Seriously. Give it another day. How's your HWCM? Can you go in for another ultrasound so see how it's progressing? Much love, Fran

  3. Oh dear - I am hoping that your body starts to cooperate!! Thinking of you CP!

  4. It was always like my body new when it was time to do the OPK because all of a sudden my O'ing would go missing in action for a few days and sometimes a week. Take a breath and bluff your body lol.

    First time reader and going to stick around if it's ok.

  5. Oh boy, won't our bodies ever cooperate? How about asking your RE to let you come in for a blood test to test your E2, LH and P4? That'll give you a much better idea of what's going on.

    BTW, are you OPKing twice a day? I O'ed like clockwork too, but often my LH surge was a short one (@12 hours), so I learned that I had to test twice a day because with only once I sometimes missed it.

    GL, I'm sure it'll happen!!

  6. My OB told me the best time to use those was in the afternoon. Good luck!! I never, ever, ever O'ed on my own so I can't help ya much. I second the going for bloodwork. That seems to give a good idea of what's going on. :)

  7. Here's hoping it's just a little stress/jet lag going on.

  8. Sending you lots of cooperation vibes! Good luck!


  9. Lets go ovulation! Stop driving us crazy! {hugs}

  10. Hope your body cooperates and the FET bears fruit.



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