Thursday, 29 July 2010

New skills and obnoxious preggo-ladies.

I have a new skill.
I can burp like a man.
You know, the deep, vibrating, ear-deafening kind of burp only burly men can produce.
Burly men and me.
Diver Dude would like to know who kidnapped his Princess and replaced her with this burp-monster.

Yesterday's orientation went well. I only had to bite my tongue a few times when one obnoxious preggo-lady kept complaining about her symptoms, and how shocked she was to be pregnant, and how inconvenient it had been when she was pregnant with her daughter because she had a small placenta and how that caused her to go two weeks over the time, and how she REALLY hopes this one has a normal sized placenta so she won't have to be pregnant longer than necessary. When another preggo-lady told us all with a big sigh how her husband had had a vasectomy because they did not want any more children but here she is "knocked up" again - all this said in front of her own two children - I had to hold my legs to not kick her hard under the table.

I was surprised at the up-beat mode in which everything was reviewed. Not once were the words "if" or "hopefully" used in regards to our pregnancies. Not once was the word "miscarriage" mentioned, and when the first preggo-lady cracked a joke about us all going in to labor at once I nearly gasped at her optimism. I was quiet and tried to listen to the different up-coming scans and tests and the different labor options available but I'm happy we got a stack of paper with the information because I honestly can't remember much. It was like being in bizarro-world.

This afternoon I have an appointment with Dr. Swedish to check on Bubba. My knees are shaking just thinking about it. Please let everything be alright.


  1. Everything WILL be just fine...just watch xxx

  2. Can't wait to hear about your Bubba check -- it'll be a great one, I'm sure!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your appointment... Do you get to see Bubba again?

  4. I cannot stand whiny pregnant women anymore...that must have been so bizarre. Can't wait for a bubba update!

  5. Good luck this afternoon and can't wait to hear how Bubba is doing!! :)

  6. lordy, i hear you on the burping. but it makes me feel so much less queasy to do it, that i can't stop myself.

  7. As someone who has easily conceived three times and miscarried only once and very early on, it's still amazing to me how unaffected so many women can be in early pregnancy, how unaware that so much can go wrong. Hurray to you for your patience with them/us. Good luck at the appointment -- will be checking back to see!

  8. Can't wait for your Bubba update! That woman sounds totally obnoxious and she has probably always complained about everything. Pregnancy is just something to add to the list.

  9. Hoping for you!

    And whoa baby, I would not have been able to hold my tongue with those comments. They all would have hated me by the time it was over.

  10. Sounds like the Twilight Zone...

    Sending loads of calming and good vibes into the universe for you and Bubba.

  11. ick, those women sound like HORRIBLE ALIENS..and I don't like them...on princple.

    now as for you,,,,YOU are going to be great today, Bubba is going to be awesome. I can't wait to hear. :)

    Burping, Classy....Princess, CLASSY!!! ;)
    love ya

  12. LOL -- the burping was one of my earliest pregnancy symptoms, and it lasted throughout the short-lived pregnancy. I did find that taking something to relieve the gas helped tremendously -- check with your doctor to see what they allow.

    Can't wait to hear how baby is doing.


  13. Bubba's going to be great!!! Thinking of you!

    Happy burping!

  14. You've got some mad skilz!

    I hope the appt goes well and Bubba is growing!

  15. It seems to be trendy these days, particularly in this country, for pregnant women and women with children to complain about their children and pretend they're just a bit of an inconvenience. It drives me absolutely potty! Well done for not kicking those two women halfway across the room - they deserved it, but the physical effort on your part might not have been so good for Bubba.

    Hope the scan goes well today - thinking of you x

  16. Maybe it's the way I'm built but I would have told the other women about my situation and how grateful I am for every single "side effect" of pregnancy that I feel because it is a receipt that everything is going forward and that not everyone can get pregnant at will!

    Also, speaking of burping - that is not my biggest thing, no mine is the gas! And since it's just pent up air there's no smell, but the sound is just as ear deafening… ;)


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