Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Yesterday was the day the doctors shocked Diver Dude's heart.
One time - "CLEAR"- and his heart rhythm was a beautiful consistent beat again. Seeing the slow, constant beating of Diver Dude's heart on the EKG reminded me of the joy we felt the first time we saw the quick flutter of Bubba's little heart almost a year ago. Perfection.
Diver Dude told me this morning that for the first time in a long time he could hear his heart beat when laying on his pillow last night. And that the sound that used to annoy him and keep him from going to sleep now was the most soothing and beautiful thing he ever heard :)

No more of this please!
 sinus rhythm


  1. Heartbeats are good. Strong regular heartbeats are even better.
    Hope it didn't hurt like hell, hope it will stay this way.

  2. I hope that he has a nice, regular heartbeat for many years to come!!!!

  3. Glad to hear that went well.

  4. Loving HB too, wishing Driver Dude a long life of regular and strong HB!

  5. People that have never experienced heart anomalies can't truly comprehend how beautiful a steady beat can be :)

    Yay for Diver Dude's sinus rhythm :)

  6. So glad to hear the shock went well! Best wishes to Diver Dude and his heart!

  7. Happy happy news. Smiles all round!

  8. Go Diver Dude Go!

    Love it!

    Hope he stays well!

    Much love to you and Bubba.

  9. I sure hope this will keep and stay forever! Sinus rhythm is a beautiful thing!
    Also, I hope you guys will come to Sweden often so we have a chance to see each other and let our kids play! I will miss having you this close and I'm sad I never had the chance to visit you in England.


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