Monday, 20 June 2011

One week

One week of seeing my man filled with energy.
Of rediscovering that wild twinkle in his eyes.
Of getting reacquainted with the ants in his pants.
Of hearing him giggle like his little boy.
Of having my wonderful, strong husband back.
One week of sinus rhythm.

Yesterday he cleared out the space in the attic.
Did a lot of heavy lifting.
Had a beer and a cigar to celebrate Father's Day.
By the end of the day he was tired. Understandably so.

When he came home from work today he was still tired.
He protested when I brought out the stethoscope.
I listened to his heart anyway.
It's back.
After just one week the damned a-fib is back.


  1. I am so sorry the a-fib is back. That just sucks.

  2. Oh wow - unbelievable! I'm so sorry!!!

  3. no no no no, this is your "and they lived happily ever after"!

    Can I secretly be proud of you using a stethoscope?
    I'm afraid to ask stupid questions about shocks/pacemakers/meds/can-it-be-fixed but I can't help but hope you will get the sinus rhythm back. Soon and easily, please...

  4. Oh damn. That sucks. I hope it can be resolved again...permanently

  5. Booger. That's all I can think of to say that's child-blog appropriate.

  6. Så synd!
    Känner han när det slår över eller det gör han inte.
    Vet inte vad de har för rutiner där men här är det så att om man känner när det slår över till FF (som vi förkortar det här) så ska man söka vård inom 48 timmar så kan man elkonvertera direkt om pat är Waran behandlad så måste Pk´t ligga inom ett visst värde.

    Hoppas det ordnar sig.

  7. Hope it can be corrected permanently w/o too much trouble! Loads of hugs!

  8. LAME! Your family is in my thoughts lovely lady.

  9. I have been holding my breath for you. I don't know how you can breathe, but I wanted to say how much I think of you and this and how very much I am wishing for strong hearts.

  10. Fuck is right! I'm sorry. You're in my thoughts. Hoping that beautiful beat comes back.

  11. Hey there, have been following your blog for some time (without commenting) and hope things are looking better. Hope for a short post with good news, very soon !!


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