Monday, 6 June 2011

The dog ate my blog (and all my comments)

I don't seem to have much time to update this blog these days. Or comment. In my head I've written several posts and commented on a thousand posts. But that doesn't do much good does it? So I'll just blame the dog. It has nothing to do with a certain 13+lbs boy. Not at all.

So many things going on. Not sure where to start... Let's see...

• We went to Sweden for a week - traveling with Bubba was so much easier than expected - and the two peas finally got to meet. And Nephew got to hold his "Baby Max". It was beautiful.
Nephew, Mini-Man and Bubba

• We're moving back to the states. Soon. Like next month. I'm in denial.
We've got many reasons to move back, but Diver Dude's health is the main one. He needs to be in the hands of a good cardiologist in the states where we won't have to pay out the behind because of sucky insurance. We'll be moving back to our home and neither of us will have to work initially. We've decided to give ourselves up to a year to find work while we live off of D's retirement. I look forward to spending a lot of time together and for D to be there 24/7 for Bubba's first year.
I hate to think about moving away from Europe again, this time probably for good. I'll miss it so much. I'll miss being so close to my family. I get all teary eyed just thinking about it. Yuck!

Bubba's first passport is American. I'm currently working on getting him the Swedish one.

• Bubba is growing like a weed. He talks. He uses beautiful words like "aooouuuuneeeuwnew" and I'm in love. He sleeps through the night. Falls asleep in his own bed every night with a smile on his face after about an hour of nursing, singing and "talking story". The nightly crying spells disappeared over night when he was about two months old. I pinch myself every day and wonder how it's possible to love someone so much without bursting.

• While shopping for my sister and Mamma I got myself a Mother's Day present that I've had my eye on for a while. Found it here.

Now I'm off to find the mutt that ate the blog. And give him a wet kiss on the nose.


  1. Where will you be living??? And he is simply amazing! I pinch myself as well, all the time :-) HUGS and good luck on the move. Diver Dude is in my thoughts.

  2. Right...can't believe you are moving and I didn't get to meet you and Bubba....I'm crying here already. My dear friend, the Ultimate Vet Hero is also moving back to the States and I know I'll miss her dearly. During the pregnancy and mat leave it's like she became my best friend. And so did you!! We shared so much I really thought we would get to meet up some day soon. Boohooo

  3. Trust me, having taken almost a year off from my blog, I completely understand how time consuming a new baby can be.

    I'm beyond jealous of you moving to the States!!!!

    Your boy is absolutely gorgeous. I still can't get over the dates (your BFP and Kate's birth date)!!

  4. Bubba=adorable. But your doggy takes a VERY close second: SOOOOO cute! Back to Hawaii?

  5. Eh ya! Glad to see you are well. One year of spending time with Bubba at home for both of you? That's bliss.

    I hope Diver Dude is in good hands when he is in the US, and you enjoy chasing your dog away in case you find him chewing any more blog posts or comments. :-p

    You be good, and Bubba is so cute!

  6. was only wondering about you and how you were going just the other day.

    good to hear that all is fine in your world - in fact better than fine by the sounds of it!

    have a safe move back to the states....


  7. So glad to hear from you! Wow - a move back to the states. That has to be hard, but you got to take care of Diver Dude's heart. And how wonderful to be able to take some time off and enjoy the little man. He is so very cute!!! And that ring - love it!

  8. So happy to hear from you and excited to hear about all that is going on, even though some of it is scary. And so jealous -- what I wouldn't give for a full night's sleep. Suffice it to say my slightly older baby isn't doing nearly as well as precious Bubba :)

  9. At least when you move back you'll be closer to me. I hope his heart gets better lovely lady! and wow oh wow your kiddo is such a super cutie.

  10. I am near Philadelphia, if that is where you are headed.


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