Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bloody Show?

Yesterday I was wiped out, woke up only to crawl straight back into bed. Nauseous all day and couldn't eat anything after breakfast. Today, this morning, I got up to a gushing nose bleed and now when I went to the bathroom I discovered several pinkish streaks in my underwear. Could this be the start of something? Could this be what they call bloody show?

Dear Bubba,
Ready when you are. 
Can't wait to see you. 
Kiss you. 
Love you. 
Spank your little butt.
Let's get this show on the road baby.
Love, Mamma


  1. Nearly there!!! Oh my God I can't wait!! it may well be that this is the beginning of something, so you better get your energy back missus!

  2. oh my goodness, could be. I had a lot of bloody noses in those last weeks.
    I cannot wait to meet that beautiful baby boy of yours!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, Please call the doctor and tell them about your nosebleed. While it is likely that the air is just dry, it was also one of the things that showed my blood pressure was going up.

  4. Hooray!! The time is near!! So exciting!!

  5. I never had a bloody nose, but I did have bloody show. Before bed I lost my clear mucous plug and then early in the morning I found a glob of red in the toilet. Not long after that, my water broke. You could definitely be well on your way, or it could just be cervical irritation from some dilation. This was a nerve wracking time for me, always wondering when everything would start. So excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Never had a nose bleed but the rest sounds familiar (nausea and blood show). Checking in daily to see what's up (or who's out!).

  7. wowie! I think it's going to be soon!! yeah, bubba! Come out and play.

  8. I have 16 days left until my due date and have yet to see ANY sign that he's interested in coming out. I hope that your little guy comes quickly!!

  9. Wow, wow, wow, I didn't realize you were so close! I hope he makes his entrance soon :-)

  10. Um, this is exactly how labor started with my second son. I had a day of fatigue and nausea, then the next day pink discharge (but not the nosebleed). When the discharge increased and seemed watery, I called L&D, they told me to come in for a check, and my water officially broke while I was packing my "just in case I have to stay for the duration" bag. I'm just saying....

  11. Pack your bags lady...sounds like things are starting to rock and roll!

    OMG I can't wait to meet Bubba!

  12. I have to refrain from sounding crass here, but picture the biggest phlegm coming out of your mouth while you are sick with bronchitis or a URI and times that by 20. That was my bloody show. And show it was as I was standing there stark naked in the bathtub after having had my water break a couple of minutes beforehand.

    It sounds like your body is getting ready indeed. So exciting!

  13. omg, exciting!!! i cannot wait to meet bubba!!! yaaay!

  14. I am so, so excited for you! Keep us updated! OMG!

  15. WHIII!!!!! Så spännande, kan kanske vara början.
    Hihi! Får gåshud!!!
    Åh, stort lycka till när det är tid.
    Ett tips till förlossningsväskan är mjukt toa papper typ Lambi, vet inte hur ni har det där men på sjukhuset här är papperet som sandpapper, ingen hit efter en förlossning.


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