Thursday, 10 February 2011

Four weeks to go...

I'm suffering from a drawn out brain fart. And I honestly think time is moving twice the speed it normally does. I feel like I have so much to tell you and as soon as I sit down to get it into words - pffffftt! I have the attention span of a nat and get distracted easier than a two-year-old at Chucky Cheese. Anyway, since this is a fixed format it's a little easier to bring my mushy brain to perform for a few minutes. But after seeing Dr. Swedish today for our 36 week check up I'm starting to think monthly updates just won't cut it anymore. After establishing that Bubba's head is waaaay down in my pelvis he told me with a big grin on his face to "make another appointment in two weeks, if you're still pregnant by then." 

You guys, it looks like this Circus Performance could start any day now!

How far along?

Bubba's chunk-o-meter: 
Apprx. 20 inches / 51 cm, 
According to Dr. Swedish's guesstimate Bubba now weighs in at 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg - He also predicts Bubba will be well over 8 lbs by the time of delivery - HOLY BUBSTER! 

My total chunk-o-meter: 
18 lbs / 8.2 kg - All that food I'm eating is going straight to the little hungry man in my belly.

Stretch marks? 
Knocking on wood - maybe I won't get any? Varicose veins on my thigh has mystically appeared over the past two months though... grrrrrowl.

Belly button status? 
Not completely out, not sure if it will. Still weird/disgusting when somebody touches it.

Counting sheep? 
Crazy dreams are back! No need for adventure books or movies, all I need is a couple of hours of snoozing and I'm in some high-speed chase in a stolen car chased by bad guys.

Foods I can't live without: 
Tomatoes and avocados are still yummy but right now I crave kiwis!! Not the birds, the fruit.

Foods I can't stand: 
While fish and chips taste really great going down, I can't seem to keep it down. Same thing with everything super greasy

Best moments this month: 
• Baby shower - this is one of those things I should dedicate a post to, but can't seem to gather my thoughts long enough to actually do so. 
In short: 
I cried happy tears in the car going over there thinking of how distant the possibility of me having a baby shower seemed not too long ago. 
Instead of cards I got everyone's favorite children's book - can't wait to start reading them to Bubba. 
MOTHER sent a massive gift and completely shocked both me and Diver Dude - she's not the loving grandma/mother/mother-in-law type, quite the opposite actually. But she seems genuinely excited about having a grandson! 
Lots and lots of itty-bitty clothes now fill the drawers in Bubba's room
• A good friend from Seattle who struggled with IF for almost ten years  came to visit with her hubby - after turning 40, moving across the Atlantic, getting a small house and building a new child-free life - she's pregnant!! Due just about a month after us!

Worst moments this month: 
Again this needs a post of it's own but it'll have to be squished into this. Sex. Or rather, lack of sex. As the weeks pass and I feel sexier than ever, happy and filled with confidence, Diver Dude, well... he's just not that into it. He struggles to adjust to my growing belly and the fear of poking Bubba in the eye is just turning him off. Sigh. 

Crazy boy! Now that he's running out of room those movements can knock the wind out of me. Kicks to the ribs, punches to the cervix and stretching in all directions makes for a comfortable mama :)

We have a new player on the scene this month. A sharp, pinching, gradually building pain in the cervix that comes and goes. I'm guessing contractions. If that's what they feel like now... It's gonna HURT LIKE A MOFO!! 

It's a boy. And if he keeps growing at this rate he'll come out with a full beard!

What I miss? 
Good red wine. Or what it used to taste like. It still smells divine, but if I take a sip it's rancid! I hope my taste buds go back to normal. 

What I'm looking forward to? 
Labor rehearsal on February 17th - it was postponed. I think it'll include a walk-through of my hospital's L&D, going over labor and breathing techniques, and a show-and-tell of your hospital bags.
Meeting my baby boy.

Monthly Wisdom
Napping during the day is perfectly fine. In fact, it should be mandatory.

Bubba is head down and ready to go! We're at term. 

Excited and tired. A little nervous about the pain involved with delivery, but still maintaining the cool-ish attitude of "que sera, sera". At the same time I'm curious how I will cope, and feel kind of "pumped" for the event. Ask me again when this show hits the road :)


  1. Yay for an update! You're officially on labor watch with me :) You look great, sounds like you're doing great. Can't wait to hear he's here!

  2. Yay!! Congrats for all the wonderful updates!! Get used to the scatterbrained feeling of not being able to gather your thoughts. It goes with the new mom territory as well. Can't wait to hear that Bubba has arrived!! (and see pictures if you're going to share.)

  3. Love your updates and belly pics! I am right behind you. I am 34 wks and have less than 4 wks to go bc the dr will induce at 38 wks if baby doens't come on his own.

    Thinking of labor makes me nervous too! But women have been doing it for centuries now so it can't be tha bad right?!

    Can't wait to meet your little guy!

  4. Your belly pics are soo cute!

  5. Thanks for the update. You look amazing!

  6. Sweetie you have big boy to birth but in contrast to me I think you'll have stronger contractions than I did and it"ll be a cinch to pass your baby no matter the size. Also, I recommend using laughing gas if you tolerate it. It was all I needed to give birth to my 3 lb baby! :)
    Don't be afraid to get the epidural. Since my contractions had to be helped along quite a bit, that wasn't a good idea for the natural birth of baby one, but for baby two they took the time to give me a spinal block for the c-section!
    Good luck!

  7. You are so cute. I can't wait to "meet" Bubba!

  8. Oh good luck! I'm so impressed that you have only gained 18 lbs! Now that I am on the "other side", losing my weight is terrifying!
    And don't worry about being ready -- it's totally overrated!

  9. OMG, you're due, like, SOON! I cannot believe you're about to become a mama. I'm just so thrilled beyond words to see this little Bubba dude you've been growing. So, so, so excited for you and Diver Dude. What an amazing time-- on the precipice of things to come.

  10. HI!!!!! Can u see me waving and doing the happiness over here! No? Hmmm? ;)
    Well..I am...u look amazing..u sound great..and you r all set. I can tell u that contracions hurt! Well up until the drugs...LOL. you'll be great and once Bubba is here..well that's the best part.
    Your true happiness is spilling over and I am just so excited for u!!! Xoxoxoxox

  11. ÅHHH, så spännande!!!!!!!
    Snart, snart är han här!!!
    Det kommer att gå så bra ska du se, du kommer att fixa det galant.
    Hihi, jag blir alldeles pirrig inombords när jag tänker på att snart, när som helst kan han komma.
    Stort lycka till när det är tid.

  12. What a wonderful update! Wow, it's almost time - I'm so very excited for you!!!

  13. Hurrah! Super excited for you!

  14. You look fantastic!!!! I can't wait to read your birth story and hear all about your new little man!!!

  15. You look FANTASTIC! I am so glad the baby shower was fantastic. I'm still amazed that I get to have one, too! Woohoo!

    And that babe is gonna be a big 'un! Can't wait to hear delivery news!

  16. Look how big you are! And beautiful! I know I can't see your face, but you do look good.


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