Sunday, 9 October 2011

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest


If someone suggested having a baby, moving across the Atlantic, renovating your house, and having your husband go through various cardio treatment in less than six months, I would laugh in their faces and strongly advise against it. It's been... well, it's been interesting. And exhausting.
At least we're all in one location, in one piece, and for now that's not bad. Not bad at all.

We all made it across the world in spite of a heat wave that restricted our pets from flying with us on the plane and an insane amount of bags which Diver Dude couldn't carry an inch. Thank goodness for porters and over priced cargo planes that carry pets.

Our house has all new floors and new molding. It also has no doors and is currently a bathroom short. It's still filled with unpacked boxes.

Bubba is crawling! And I have to follow him around like an undercover agent so he doesn't get into things he shouldn't. Let me tell you, the child can move! He's in a hurry to get anywhere fast and he's starting to pull himself up on whatever gets in his way without worry weather it will fall on him in the process. He leaves the worrying to his Mamma. He'll most likely be walking within a couple of months. I'm looking forward to that with an interesting mix of fear and pride.

Diver Dude has had two cardioversions since we got here and has his first consult for an ablation this month. It's such a relief to have him in the care of a passionate and competent cardiologist.

I have so much more to say about meeting old friends, sleepless nights, the joys of solid food and the impact of medication on your sex life but alas, I have no time.

Thanks to those who stopped by to make sure all's well! I still try to keep up on all your blogs but my commenting currently sucks a big fat one.

Sloppy kisses to all of you!


  1. So good to hear from you!! Sounds like quite a whirlwind of adventures you've had. Bubba is too cute!! Boys have no fear its true. This Mama looks like the president after his first year in Office, gray from all the worry. But its worth every minute, huh? Take care and hoping DD does incredible under his new medical care.

  2. I was just thinking of you! Wow, you are in the states! It's hard to believe how big Bubba is!! Crawling, omg, where has the time gone? I hope you get back to blogging soon because we miss you! So glad Diverdude is doing better and in good hands!

  3. Lovely to see you here again. I missed 'hearing your voice'
    Great picture! You must be doing everything right...

  4. *yay* you're still alive - i was beginning to wonder!!

    glad to hear the move went as well as it possibly could :-)

    and my hasn't bubba grown!!


  5. Look how gorgeous Bubba's eyes are!!! He looks great.

    Am just sending a lot of healing vibes to Diver Dude...and I am glad you updated. I had been thinking of you.

    Take Care!

  6. Bubba is beautiful! So good to hear from you. Can't wait to hear the rest.

  7. So so happy to read your updates! Bubba is crawling!! I can't believe it, I better have a serious talk with Oliver who is barely shuffling and getting of course annoyed that it's not effective as he'd like it to be. much love your way, I hope you'll find the time to post soon again, positive thoughts to Diver Dude, it'll be ok. Fran

  8. So glad to see you back. So excited to see Bubba growing up (Emme is crawling and pulling up, too -- crazy!). I remember trying to unpack our current house (sans healing husband and renovations) with a newly-mobile nine-month-old. Suffice it to say, it took a while. Congrats on the new digs and having survived the craziness. Here's hoping the place and space brings health and more happiness.

  9. I like that we're neighbors. What a crazy whirlwind lady. Hang in there. Man is your little man super cuteness.

  10. Good to hear from you. You've been busy, haven't you!

  11. Glad I caught an update. He is soo handsome!

  12. I was just thinking of you. What an incredible amount of things rolled into a few short months. I hope all is well with Diver Dude and that being back with friends has been wonderful. So much going on and your little crawler is the most adorable creature in that picture. Sloppy kisses indeed!

  13. It's weird how I can sense when you've made an update!
    Wow, so the little guy can crawl, my, my! My two wild ones are sort of crawling, but only backwards and Nina sort of heaves herself forward at times, while Liv still finds rolling sideways or possibly pulling herself forward on her tummy, is the way to go!
    Still feel weird to have you back on the other side of the 'pond'! Hoping you guys come "home" soon for vacation!

    Open mouth kisses from L & N to Bubster!

  14. Bubba is getting big! My little guy is SO close to crawling. Not looking forward to child proofing everything and watching him like a hawk!

    Hope you are getting settled in!

  15. phew, what an adventure! Glad to hear from you, hope DD is feeling well xxx

  16. I can't believe you've gone through all that in 6 months - sounds exhausting!!! Hope you're settling in nicely, and that Diver Dude gets things settled with his heart very quickly. Great pic of Bubba!!!

  17. He's adorable :) Good to hear you are doing well. My best to diver dude.

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