Friday, 29 July 2011


Tomorrow night around this time we'll be back in the states. I'd lie if I said I was all excited. I am, a little, but also sad to move further away from my family and worried about the trip over. Worried about our pets who we've had to rerout due to severe heat and fork up an arm and a leg to fly (luckily they didn't ask for our first born). Worried about Diver Dude lifting stuff he shouldn't and hurt himself (he's back in afib:(. And worried about Bubba traveling that far. But we'll be ok. I'm sure I'm just a worry-wart. See you back in beautiful Washington state! Aloha!


  1. i hope you, the pets, bubba AND Diver Dude arrive safely and settle into your new home ok.

    on a side note, glancing at your ticker over there -----> i cannot believe that bubba is 5 months old already!?! Where the hell did that time go?


  2. I can FINALLY comment again. I have been thinking about you guys. Hope the move & all traveling goes smoothly.

  3. Good luck on the trip, I am sure bubba will be a great traveler and soon this will be a distant memory!

  4. Hope everything went well, and I can't wait for an update! Enjoy the most beautiful state in the world!!!

  5. Sending you tons of positive vibes, it will be ok, but do update as soon as you can just to say you've got there. Do you have a place to stay? Love, Fran

  6. Good luck with the travelling! Hope it goes very well!

  7. Hi Princess, saw you floating around the web, so nice to see signs of life from you!
    I can't imagine how busy you are with taking care of your men and move and country etc.
    Just wanted to let you know I think of you.
    Would be wonderful if you had a chance to blog (but no taking away of cuddles from the little one of course)
    Wishing you the best with house and home and health.

  8. Hope all is well--you are missed out here in internet-land!

  9. Are you in the greater Seattle area? My little guy was born 3/31 and we just returned from spending six years in France. Hope the trip over went smoothly ~

  10. Priiiiiiiincess, how aaaaaaaare you?
    Missing you. Lots of love.


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