Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The other pea in the pod

With all that's been going on lately I've completely forgotten to post about the birth of my beautiful new nephew Robin - Mini-Man. Born April 7th in a hurry with minor complications - placenta didn't deliver and they had to go in under anaesthesia and take it out - but baby and mama are both doing great. And Nephew is the proudest big brother you ever saw.

I can't wait for Bubba's passport to finally get here so we can fly over for a cuddle!


  1. Thanks! so happy that Mini-Man arrived safely into this world. Sorry to hear about the placenta, I hope your sister wasn't scared too badly?
    And tell me, did you and your sister already have your newborns video-skype? The htought makes me smile....

  2. This picture is so sweet! Congrats to your whole family!

    Been thinking of you and Diver Dude...

  3. Congratulations to all of you. And also vibes for a painless and healthy recovery from the surgery.


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