Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Colic or missing notes?

Every night, after having finished a much loved bath and other bedtime routines, starting at approximately eight o'clock, this is the scenario in our house:
Bubba: Fussing
Mamma: Whispering - Singing - Walking

Bubba: Crying
Mamma: Feeding - Singing - Rocking
Bubba: Screaming
Mamma: Bouncing - Swaying - Singing

Mamma: Feeding - Shushing - Caressing
Bubba: S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G
Mamma: Kissing - Swinging - Patting his butt

Mamma: Closing eyes - Breathing deeply - Resume singing
Bubba: Screaming
Mamma: Loving - Stroking - Talking softly
Bubba: Looking up
Mamma: Looking down - Smiling - Humming
Bubba: Smiling
Until finally the "breather smile" is followed by eyes slowly closing, a big sigh, and Bubba drifting off to sleep. My theory is that he simply has a hard time settling in at night, but could it be what they refer to as colic? Maybe it's my singing... Should've taken more singing lessons.

Luckily, after a full nights sleep, I wake up to this little sunshine :)


  1. Bubba is crazy cute. Don't have any idea on colic so probably other bloggers can chip in on that?

  2. i'm sure your singing is great!

    i hope little man grows out of this fussy stage very soon

    you're doing great!

  3. Oh those pictures are so adorable - and heartbreaking! This sucks about the screaming, but good job keeping calm - so proud of you!

  4. I'm guessing you're at about 6 weeks? That's when my little guy was at his fussiest, and then it gradually got better. Hugs to you! You're doing great!

  5. I have completely and utterly given up on getting him to sleep in his cradle, or any other of his sleeping surfaces! We supplement for weight gain, so only after his night time bottle will he go down alone, at which point I bolt into bed, cross my fingers and toes, and sleep. He is up about 1-2 times, but will NOT go in the cradle, so sleeps with me, LOL. I know what you are dealing with! But it doesn't matter...because we have our Peanut :-)

    Is he sporting a mohawk??? Love it! So adorable!

  6. Oy -- that sounds painful. Try starting the whole process earlier -- we did that and it made a huge difference, as it appeared B was just overtired. SO cute!!

  7. Definitely doesn't sound like colic. Colic usually isn't tied to one time of the day -- it's pretty constant, on and off with few pauses, throughout the day and over a series of days and weeks. My pediatrician told me that evening fussiness peaks around 8-9 weeks, so it maybe a few still until you see a chance. It sounds like you're doing everything can (do you swaddle?). Emme is still a challenge to get down some nights, but starting earlier does sometimes help. Just know it gets easier, eventually!

  8. Oh poor you and poor Bubba! Not sure it's colic but it seems to be going on for an awful long time. Check if his tummy is hard, if so it's likely to be colic. Apparently there's nothing to do, just be patient!

  9. Hey Princess, how cool to have the pictures in order... Love them!
    Question: how is your Sister doing? I did dive in your archives and Mini man was due two weeks ago? Sorry for being curious and impatient, it's just that the 'two peas in a pod' picture & story always pop back in my mind...

  10. First of all super duper cute bubba! He is coming along marvellously. I've heard that babies can do this just before sleeping time - a lot of mothers call it the witching hour, when nothing seems to work... im sure it will only be a matter of time until he grows out of it, or feels more secure about settling down. You sound like you're handling it all very well - i hope im as good!

  11. Usch stackars er!
    Jag vet precis hur det är, båda mina hade kolik. Julie var dock värst. 21-02 varje kväll.
    Finns ju inte så många råd att ge förutom.
    Kolikmassage, miniform.
    Jag gick tillslut över till mjölkproteinfri kost och då vände det för oss.
    Håll ut kära du, det ända man vet är ju att det går över men det är ju inte så mycket tröst när man är mitt uppe i det.
    Tänker på er.

  12. I'm sure it's not colic as I agree with Liz Self, it should be a constant crying after every meal!
    I think it's the "witching hour" or in Swedish: skrikperiod!
    My girls had it and there's not much to do than wait it out, cause it will disappear just as sudden as it came on!
    They sort of outgrow it.
    Keep it up and give daddy his share of the earful or you'll break in half…
    You need your "me-time"!

  13. Love the pics CP!! I don't know what to tell you but I hate that he is fussy. Good luck!!

  14. Hi - coming over from Donor Eggs Journey's blog. It does sound like colic to me! I have a 4 month old baby who has colic and although he does fuss a bit during the day, the evenings were absolutely the worst - still are to an extent but lots better since we started giving him Infacol. But I do agree with Louise - we start bedtime routine at around 6pm and he is usually down by 8.30-9pm. We used to spend hours walking round the flat rocking him and singing while he screamed. Other thing to try is white noise - I got an app on my phone that does it and played it through speakers while I held him - I also downloaded womb noises which helped too. Good luck!!

  15. no help sorry but hey at least you get to wake up to that adorable face every morning ;-) that's why babies are so cute, to make you forget the hard times lol


  16. Sounds like gas or a bit of acid reflux. Hang in there lady, their little bodies adjust and adapt to handle more as they get older. Such a super cutie by the way!!

  17. Not sure if this has improved, but often reflux can be the cause. Hope things are better now! - Tkeys


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