Thursday, 16 December 2010

Marching in to the third trimester

I've had a hard time sitting down to update this corner of the world lately. So much is happening and I want to talk about it all, but somehow I can't find the energy to transfer all those thoughts and moments into words. I want to tell you all about how we've started buying things for Bubba, and how we've rearranged our house to make room for the nursery. I want to show you the things I've made, the theme of the room, the stacks of clothes in the drawers. I also want to tell you about our trip to London to see traditional Swedish Lucia being celebrated. But it'll have to be another day, because today I march in to my third trimester and it's time for a preggo-update.

How far along?

Bubba's chunk-o-meter: 
Apprx. 15 inches / 38 cm, 2.2 lbs / 1 kg 

My total chunk-o-meter: 
13 lbs / 5.9 kg

Stretch marks? 
No, but I'm wondering how much more my skin can actually stretch. 

Belly button status? 
Poking out a tiny bit, can be seen through shirts now. Not sure if I like it or not. 

Counting sheep? 
Waking up EVERY time I change position, followed by trying to convince myself I don't need to pee, only to realize I REALLY have to pee and then get out of my warm bed just to dribble. 

Foods I can't live without: 
Tomatoes and avocados. Trying to slow down the carb intake since I was only two points away from failing my 1h glucose test. Having withdrawals from my newly acquired habit of eating a big bowl of whole grain pasta a day.

Foods I can't stand: 
Food - mmmmmm! Any food. All the time.

Best moment this month: 
Moving our office and guest room to make room for baby. Getting some nursery furniture and a stroller. Realizing this is actually happening, our lives are about to change for good.

Worst moment this month: 
Experiencing some strong Braxton Hicks that came and went for about an hour. Not painful just sent me into a panicked state of wait-is-that-a-contraction-omg-what-if-i-go-into-preterm-labor-mind

Lots and lots of kicks, rolls, pokes and prods. Daily kick counts usually takes  less than a minute (10 movements in 2 hours).

TMI alert: There's odd stuff happening with the boobies. It looks like dried milk in the now ginormous cracks of the nipple... I've decided to take it as a good sign, but really? Ew.
Restless legs! How come when I'm exhausted my legs are full of energy?

I have a tiny penis in my uterus.

What I miss? 
Raw fish, creamy delicious unpasteurized cheese, and red wine.

What I'm looking forward to? 
Bubba cooking up a storm. Pregnancy photo shoot with my sister for Christmas.

Monthly Wisdom
If my temper takes an unexpected turn for the worse, walk away.

Moving into the third and final trimester. Passing the glucose test - if only barely.

Emotions: Violent, sudden aggression towards inanimate objects. It's a miracle my Mac does not have a hole in it. 

Haven't taken the 28 week picture yet, but you get the idea, I'm getting chunky :) 
A lot of you have asked about the week signs - I made them out of cardboard and they look much fancier in the pictures than they do in real life.


  1. I am going to spank you, if you don't mind. You have only put on 13 lbs, which is NOT CHUNKY! You want my 30? I have given up. I am wondering how I will ever lose the weight, LOL. You look absolutely gorgeous :) the reality thing is so, so true! Somehow, we glide through the months and body changes without really understanding that at the end we bring home a BABY! That our lives are going to drastically change! I think it's so hard to imagine after years of thinking it may never happen...

  2. Yup you're about to become a Mumma to a living breathing, crying babe - time to wrap your head round it!! LOL


  3. Congrats on 3rd tri!! What a beautiful bump you have going there!! Bubba will be here before you know it. Can't wait to hear about all the things that have been going on in your corner of the world.

  4. You're looking wonderful! I'm so excited for you!

  5. You look great! And the colostrum thing -- yeah. I leaked a little ahead last time and same deal this time. Can't wait to see pics of all that's developed -- other than that belly of course!

  6. You look amazing! Congrats on making to the 3rd trimester! I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things happening in your life!

  7. You look fantastic lovely lady! Can't wait to see pics.

  8. Amazing, I love the pic of your little one, looks SO cute, so you do you, what a lovely belly!

  9. Thanks for the update! You look great, btw!!

  10. You've been missed!! So happy to hear things are progressing so well~~sounds like it's getting very exciting in your home, and about to get much more so!! :)

    You are SUCH a cute preggo~~keep the updates coming!!

  11. Congrats :) and just so you know - that little penis is actually fairly large for his size.. male sex organs grow larger in the womb (and for a little bit post-partum) because they are being exposed to both their own hormones and the mother's hormones. They'll go back to normal size after birth, but there's probably a bigger than average baby-penis in your uterus right now :)

  12. Oh..oh..ah. You look amazing. Truly.

    thanks for the update, but I forgot most it when I looked at the pictures.;) You are just stunning :)

  13. You look good...and seriously, how far would the skin stretch is also the one thing on my mind!

    I craved tomatoes in my first trimester!

    Congrats on cruising into the third trimester. And I pray that things keep going good.

    I have had this odd sensation infrequently recently, and I wonder if that is what the Braxton-Hicks is about...

    I loved the specks of humour you built in, here.

  14. Welcome to the 3rd tri! Chunky? Hardly! You're all baby and so cute!

  15. Great photos, and a great update. So exciting that you have a penis in your uterus! x

  16. You are all belly, girl! You look great.
    I can't believe you are in your third trimester. It seems like you just announced the miracle of Bubba!

    And take it easy on your Mac!
    We love hearing from you.

  17. You look great! Laughed at the food comment :) sounds like me!


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