Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I peed on a stick today

I'm still here. I've been searching for my blogger mojo for quite some time but she's been MIA. That, and I just don't seem to have any time to myself anymore. Not complaining though. I'm accompanied (stalked and followed) by the greatest little guy ever. Seriously. I look at him and I'm overwhelmed with love. You know, like a crashing wave of raging L.O.V.E. It's awesome. Every day is an adventure and I'm so fortunate to get to spend it with my Bubster.

Diver Dude is fine. As in completely fine. As in normal-size-heart-beating-at-a-steady-rythm fine. After getting under the proper care of an amazing cardiologist and on the right meds, his heart seems to have "healed" itself. Doc thinks it was all caused by a virus! A stinkin' virus!!

Alright, alright, get to the stick-peeing already!
So, my blogger mojo is not the only thing that's been MIA. Ms Bloody Monster has also gone AWOL since a brief return i April. Again, not complaining! I'm on the mini-pill and still breast feeding up to four times a day (woah, if I'd told my younger self this she would've gasped :) and Dr. Google told me no, or irregular, periods is to be expected... But then I had this nagging voice whispering (in a high pitch, annoying kind of way) in my ear : -Lightning could strike twice! Stranger things have happened! You should pee on something! Do it! POAS!! DO IT!
So I did.
And it was negative.
And I was fine. Almost relieved.
We won't be trying for a sibling for Max. But for a split second while the dye was passing that magic window on the stick I felt a tiny flutter under my heart.



  1. It's nice to hear from you, stranger! I'm happy to hear that the babe is still amazing and Diver Dude is doing well!

    Many hugs on the negative. Whether you were looking to add to your fam or not, there is something about that stark white space that can take the air out of a person.

  2. I'll cry for you (have been practicing anyway) I know for me there is something special about two. It doesn't mean anything about being unhappy eith what you have, (sorry for stupid typo but this tablet is impossible sometimes) just so good you can't get enough.
    Glad the heartbeat is back in rythm.
    And could'nt agree more on the adventures of being 1 - 1.5

  3. Missed you so much!! come on, get back on the blog saddle! i want to see how your little man is growing, I'm also very happy for Diver Dude, what a relief this must be. Much love, Fran

  4. So great to hear from you!! How wonderful that Diver Dude is doing well!! So glad your family is well and you're reveling in the goodness that is your Bubster. Life is good. Hope to hear from you again soon!!

  5. Glad to read an update. I was thinking about you the other week.

  6. Oh i have missed you darling!


  7. Great to hear from you! So glad to hear that Diver Dude is doing well!!!

    Very interesting about those moments of hope while you stare at a stick... Glad to hear you have moments of peace!

  8. I still POAS (hoping for baby #2) and hold my breath praying to see the second line, but no such luck.

    So glad your hubby is well. Sounds like things are going good with little bubba!

  9. I am missing you, lady!

    Do post. How are you?

  10. Popping in to see if you've posted and maybe I missed it. Hoping you are well. Would love to see an update...

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  12. Hey there. I just thought I'd check in on you. Hope all is well!


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