Thursday, 4 November 2010

Early in the morning

In the distance I can hear water falling into a bowl of water, a steady stream ending with a soft tinkle.
Gently I adjust the down pillow and ignore the fact that I too may have to pee in a very near future.
Diver Dude crawls back into bed and wraps his warm arm around me.
A wet nose touches my hand. 
Slowly I open my eyes to look into Kona's asking brown.
I let one leg fall over the side of the bed, followed by the second and then rest of my heavy, sleepy body sits up. 
With searching limbs stretched out in the dark I find my fluffy slippers and the big robe. 
I walk through the hallway guided by the faint glimmer of distant stars and open the front door.
Kona goes outside to do his business, a quick pee and a big gulp from his blue plastic water bowl.
Back in the bedroom Kona lays down after spinning around twice and letting out a content sigh.
I continue in to the bathroom to empty a full bladder in hopes of adding another few hours to the night.
After dropping the robe on the floor I climb back in under the soft, warm covers and wrap Diver Dude's arm around me.
The alarm goes off.
Bubba greets the loud noise with a few startled movements and then continues to slowly roll, poke and prod.
I roll over to kiss my sleepy husband good morning.
A new day has started.


  1. Beautiful post!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This makes me want to crawl back into bed! Sounds like a nice start to the day!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What a fabulous start to the day. It reminds me of mine, dog and all :)

  4. You have such bliss right now and this is awesome to see. I got the chills reading this and find such hope in this kind of contentment.

  5. Such bliss, such contentment, such luck.

    Enjoy it all.


  6. I woke up at 4:30 this morning, and baby girl gave me a few jabs to say good morning. Isn't it great? Glad you're enjoying every moment of it!

  7. Keep enjoying Bubba's little pokes!! You'll miss them when he's here in the wide, wide world. Although then you'll be getting sucker punches and head butts before you know it!! :)

  8. I love this - so calm and serene. Thanks for sharing it with us. x

  9. You've got some writing chops, princess. I was transported. Thank you for sharing this lovely moment in your life with us. When I think of all you've been through, it means so much more. also i didn't congratulate you on having a boy yet! congrats!

  10. I recognize that morning. Very nice.

  11. Late to the party...but congratulations on the boy news! Love this post.

  12. Thinking of you. Yay Team BLUE! Do NOT hang anything you truly care about over the changing table. The pee shoots farther than you think it will. :)


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