Monday, 16 August 2010

Back-ache fashionista and a popping feeling

Over the past few months I've been blessed with very few, and all minor, pregnancy symptoms. 
• Boobs have been sore off and on (and every time the soreness goes away for a few days I panic)
• Nausea that have been more like mild motion sickness
• Dull crampy feeling in uterus
• LOTS of discharge (followed by many frantic dashes to the bathroom to check color and consistency)
• Burping that puts burly men to shame
• Hunger attacks that border on nausea
• Lovely metallic taste in my mouth that won't go away regardless of how much Scope I use 
But the last two weeks something feels like it's being pinched in the lower left side of my back/butt. Several times I've found myself "stuck" on the toilet unable to get up and instead having to crawl on to the bathroom floor and get up with the help of a sink or bathtub. And this morning when I tried to get my walking shoes on I could not find a way of tying them up. Not sitting down, not leaning over, not even with my legs bent and angled out to the sides while sitting on the floor. So today, in the rain, through the fields and muddy streets, I walked Kona wearing these:
Easy to get on and off, and stylish too. Not quite so white anymore though...

This morning when I was eating breakfast, comfortably seated in my favorite leather chair, cat purring in my lap - shhhh, don't tell Diver Dude - I suddenly felt something odd. It was as if three little bubbles burst inside babyville - and as I felt the pop-pop-pop, Meow-girl actually turned and gave me a puzzled look. I've never felt anything similar in my life and although I know it's waaaaay too early - 10w4d today - I'm absolutely convinced it was Bubba moving. In reality it was probably a fart trapped sideways, but it put a big silly smile on my face. 


  1. Ah memories. All the symptoms you listed at the top of your post are stark reminders to me of knowing I'm pregnant - happy memories filled with such sadness.

    I would have loved to have seen your cats face lol.


  2. :) That sounds wonderful. Half of those I already have...I guess I got an early start with the hormones. I can just see you with the silly grin :)

  3. Love the pops! Sounds great!

  4. Hee hee hee. It may be early, but keep believing it's Bubba!

  5. Hurray for all of it, the good and the bad. I've had horrible sciatic pain in my right butt/lower back, which sounds similar to what you've had. No real relief, but rest.

    I have heard that cats respond to the baby's movement, like pawing back against a kick if they're laying on your stomach. Will love to hear if the kitty and Bubba play while he's still in utero :)

  6. Great news all around! I am so happy for you.

  7. Sweet Gal, sounds like sciatica? and
    I WANT THOSE SHOES, what are they? Too darned cute.

    And the baby
    the baby is moving. Welcome to the next magical phase of this remarkable journey. Pure and total magic.

    Thinking of you (and so grateful for your kindness and support)

  8. When Little Dude first started moving it was totally just like little popcorns popping in my belly. I bet you were totally feeling Bubba!! My cat was all over those movements and he still likes sitting with the Dude when he's on my lap, doesn't even care if he's getting kicked, just wants to be near the baby. Enjoy all those little movements!!

  9. Haha :) I hope it was the little one and not a side-ways fart! Very cute story!

  10. It's Bubba the bubble!!! i do think it's a bit early but who knows!! love your way, I can believe how time flies, any time I read some one is 10-12 weeks my head says "oh like me!" and then I have to rethink as I realised I'm in fact a bit further! fran

  11. It all sounds wonderful - so exciting. Sounds like you need to get some more slip-on shoes, although I hope the back trouble eases off soon.

    Thanks also for all your support recently - it means a lot to me xx

  12. love love love the shoes.

    I also remember that pain...sciatica??? I still get it sometimes...

    I'm jealous that you are not throwing up ..LOL.

    and those bubbles popping....def the baby...soooo exciting, enjoy those bubbles!!!!!

  13. and the discharge...honey, I wore a panty liner for the whole of my's the most interesting thing isn't it???? Not :)

  14. Honey, I laughed so hard I nearly pee'd my pants about the shoes and the popping bubbles. The shoe thing I get, my tummy is already getting in the way of tying shoes - I got myself a pair of walking shoes w/ goretex (to protect from the wet stuff) and with quick lacing, just pull on the cord and put the stopper in place (Salomon shoes).
    The bubbles popping in the belly was new! :)
    The funny part was of course Athena's reaction!

  15. Awwwww! I'm so glad things are progressing smoothly!!

  16. Maybe Bubba farted a little sideways fart!

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  18. You have one cute cat!! Those shoes are great - where are they from??

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